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Sunday, June 17, 2012


In my acne prone stage of self-conscious insecurity, I had no hope of a social life much less marriage and children.  Sometimes I have a surreal moment where I find myself hovering in the past looking at the present wondering how I got here.  It seems only yesterday I was a newlywed, yet evidence proves otherwise.  Five boys and one girl spanning twelve years, whining, helpless, and insubordinate, are now gracious, competent, thoughtful adults.  Beautiful little children call me grams reminding me that my offspring have offspring.  And of course, the mirror…! When did that happen?

Firmly in the present, life goes on as if it has always been today--the gray, the wrinkles, married with children—who are good parents in their own right, adding twelve to our number with a promise of more.  The past fades into obscurity. 

Until the next surreal moment when I hover in yesteryear and wonder how I got here.