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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Our fortieth anniversary, we spent the morning at Barnes and Noble, who hosted my first book signing for my newly published novel, MATTIE.  It was a sellout requiring additional orders. For lunch, we drove forty-five minutes to eat at the Green Spoon. In the heart of old town, and like all the other businesses on the street, the restaurant was skillfully renovated, maintaining its quaint charm. I ordered a delicious Rachel Sandwich—as opposed to a Reuben. My husband ordered grilled salmon.

We came home to laundry.
John said I let him off easy. He expected a hold out for Hawaii.

Add popcorn and a late night DVD, I say the day was perfect.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Some things are just worth it.

Along with fuel and food, my visit to California cost me a two hundred dollar traffic ticket and a hard fall in the tub.  I hazarded the sixteen-hour drive for the grandchildren.  In one week, we celebrated three special occasions, attended three performances, and just hung out, sometimes talking, sometimes dancing to cool music, flashy light thingies, and swirling fog.

Well worth the cost!