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Friday, August 24, 2012


Have you noticed that the heroine in any romance is the most beautiful woman he has every seen ?  Furthermore, she bounds out of bed requiring only thirty minutes to make ready before going to work or meet a date.


She doesn't eat?  


Apply makeup?

Okay, maybe she needs just a swipe of mascara on her long curly lashes that touch her flawless, porcelain skin when she blinks and only a splash of lip gloss on her full, pouty lips. Maybe she has a wash and wear hairdo (a myth, by the way).  And what female doesn't try on three different outfits agonizing over the five C's of fashion; circumstance, current, color, chassis,( c-word for butt), and complain. Oh, yes, and accessories. Not to mention that ten minutes into her routine, even a beautiful woman requires more than a momentary tinkle on the commode.

Thirty minutes, you say? Unless she’s headed for the gym, garden, or she just doesn’t care,